Kontiolahti Sport Club is a well-known sport club in Finland. Its skiers and biathletes have been successful lately. The sport club has organized international and national championship competitions. In addition to skiing and biathlon the Kontiolahti Sport Club has also orienteering and shooting activity.

Internationally Kontiolahti has become known for biathlon. Since 1990, many World Cups, European Championships as well as Junior World Championships have been organized at Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium. Kontiolahti has also hosted the Biathlon World Championships twice, first in 1999 and second time in 2015. Both of the World Championship competitions were televised widely.

Kontiolahti Sport Club has many good biathletes. The best known athlete is Kaisa Mäkäräinen, who has been successful for many years already. Some of Kaisa’s merits are winning gold in pursuit and silver in sprint at the World Championships in Khanty-Mansiysk in 2011. That year Kaisa also won IBU World Cup Total Score as well as she did in 2014. In 2012 World Championships in Ruhpolding Kaisa took bronze in mass-start, and in the World Championships 2015 in Kontiolahti Kaisa won bronze in the individual competition. In the World Championships 2016 in Holmenkollen Kaisa, once again, took bronze, this time in mass-start. Other great biathletes of Kontiolahti Sport Club are for example Ahti Toivanen and Tuomas Grönman, who also were competing in the BWCH 2015. In addition there are many other biathletes, too, that are doing great in competitions.